Shriraam Engineering

At Shriraam, we are constantly trying to diversify our operations to meet the increasing demands of our customers. With extensive expertise in material characterisation, equipment manufacturing and trade, we can direct raw materials to the appropriate channels based on the requirement. We also have international logistic capacities to sell and transport materials all around the world. We are committed to scaling your operations right from sourcing raw-materials, find certified talents and setting up a lean factory. Let your dream be converted into reality, a self-sustaining salt refining turnkey project in no time.

Raw Salt Bulk Trading

Get raw material for salt manufacturing in bulk. Based on your requirement we will ship raw materials to your factory. For faster delivery, we even go to greater lengths to source semi-finished goods from the nearest location and ship it straight to your warehouse at the earliest possible. We ensure that only high grade raw materials are fed into your factory.

Packing Materials

Salt bags are manufactured by making use of the latest technology and premium raw materials, to ensure the bags are durable and meet international standards. Based on your requirement, we can provide custom made high-quality packing materials.

Potassium Iodate (Kio3)

Fortify your salt with iodine. We sell premium quality potassium iodide in bulk quantities.

DFS Premix

Double Fortified Salt (DFS) is an innovative new fortified food product, delivering small but crucial amounts of iodine and iron to human beings through their diet. Now, you get to order the best DFS premix from Shriraam Engineering.

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