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Build your dream by venturing with the right partner. We welcome sustainable and innovative partnership initiatives with entrepreneurs, government agencies, and NGO’s to set up salt refineries across the globe.

Joint Venture with National Government

We will work with the national governments, Department of science & technology, department of Industries, department of marine etc, and act as an advisory for increasing the domestic production of the country. We have a team of experts who will study your geography and can help you increase your salt production with the resources available in your geography. By following our recommendations and implementing them, you can increase your domestic production, such that you no longer need to import raw materials from other countries.

  • Identifying the land for salt production.
  • Designing of salt works large scale & small scale.
  • Formation of cooperatives for salt farming, processing & trading.
  • Setting up salt refineries on joint venture basis.

We have made few countries self sufficient in salt in a period of 10 years  down the line.

Joint Venture Salt Refinery Projects

As the economic volatility brings in uncertainty and financial crunches, government agencies and manufacturing firms may not be able to invest huge sums to build the salt manufacturing unit. At Shriraam, we have laid down multiple venture partnership programs around a revenue-sharing model to cross capital crunches. Multiple schemes/ programs are designed by governments to support the livelihood of farmers who depend on salt trading.

Strategic Partnership by Sharing World Class Technology

Technology & Business Partner

If you have the infrastructure and fall short to procure the right technology to penetrate a profitable market, then we are interested in partnering with you. The partnership will be based on sharing technology and profit of the business.

Share Technology, Infrastructure, and Raw-materials

Technology, Business, and Vendor Partner

If you lack the right technology, infrastructure, and raw material to manufacture salt, but still planning to operate from a demand high location, then we can be the right partner for you. With our strong presence across the globe, we can source the right quantity of salt to your location at a reasonable price. Get everything you need to kickstart a salt plant on a joint venture basis.

Innovative NGO Partnership Programs

Inspired to help, support and enrich global initiatives that function  as a catalyst to fight malnutrition.

We are constantly pursuing opportunities to partner with
government agencies, INGO’s, NGO’s, and institutions to establish a  fully operational salt manufacturing plant in their geographic
location. Our strong technical know-how clubbed with
manufacturing capabilities makes us the preferred partner for salt  manufacturing across the globe.

We have been into food processing machineries manufacturing
since the year 2000, and have been working on Food Fortification
and Health Programs of various International agencies like The
Micronutrient Initiative (Nutrition International), UNICEF, GAIN,
ICCIDD, World Food Programme, DAI, Plan International, USAID, GAIN,  Gerry Roxas Foundation, J-PAL, TATA – TRUSTS

Strong Legacy working with international brands to successfully implements health programs under Universal Salt Iodization at a global scale.

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